“A Stop Along the Way” Discount Voucher

Spain is home to a rich and diverse culinary heritage just waiting to be discovered. Our restaurants make it possible for you to enjoy the country’s culinary richness and taste its thousand and one flavours.


ASK for the “A STOP ALONG THE WAY” discount voucher when you check out of each Parador. The voucher is valid for a discount at the Parador restaurant you find along the way that day.


Vegetables, cheeses, meats, world famous wines, mouth-watering fish, DO (Designation of Origin) labels that guarantee product quality, a range of climates, scenery that provides a unique backdrop to any meal, a cuisine enriched by the different cultures that have inhabited our lands...all these ingredients come together to offer a culinary richness highly valued by travellers like you who are looking for trips that can be savoured.  


Use the voucher for a 15% discount off your Parador restaurant bill.

Conditions and rate details

General conditions
  • The discount is applied to the total price of the restaurant bill.
  • This voucher is valid for the day and the number of guests indicated.
  • The voucher must be properly stamped, undamaged, and a reservation is required.
  • The voucher may not be combined with other discounts or special prices.
  • Always present the voucher when you arrive at the Parador. The discount may not be valid if the voucher is presented at the end of service.

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