Parador de Santillana Gil Blas

El hotel se instala en la bella casona de los Barreda-Bracho, en la plaza de Santillana del Mar, villa declarada Monumento Nacional con orígenes en el año VIII. El portón se abrirá para que descubras habitaciones confortables y estancias diáfanas y acogedoras, con suelo de madera y cuidada decoración tradicional y elegante.

The hotel occupies the lovely mansion of the Barreda-Bracho family, located on a square in Santillana del Mar. The town, whose origins date to the 8th century, has been declared a national monument. The doors open to reveal comfortable guest rooms and bright, cozy spaces with wood floors and refined, elegant traditional décor.

The historic town center of Santillana del Mar is unusual in that it is only open to pedestrians. You won't see any cars, making your visit very special indeed. This historic district has preserved its original character for hundreds of years. Highlights among the buildings include the Casa del Águila (House of the Eagle) and the Casa de la Plaza (House of the Square), the statue Homenaje al hombre de Altamira (Homage to the Man of Altamira), and the fabulous town hall building.

As you stroll through the main square (Plaza Mayor de Ramón Pelayo) and along the streets that branch off from it, you will discover the many charms of this Cantabrian town with its cobblestones, monuments and houses built centuries ago with beautiful flowers hanging from their balconies. Santillana del Mar Zoo is just 2 kilometers from town and a must-see, especially if you have children. And a little over 15 kilometers away you will find the lovely village of Comillas, lapped by the waters of the Bay of Biscay.

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A very interesting place right in the middle of the medieval village . Room complete with sitting room was lovely. Restaurant and staff excellent.