General Program Terms and Conditions

1. The "AMIGOS DE PARADORES" program is aimed at rewarding clients of PARADORES DE TURISMO DE ESPAÑA, S.A. (henceforward PARADORES).

2. The "AMIGOS DE PARADORES" program awards points to its members according to the amount of charges corresponding to the services they make use of in PARADORES and in accordance with the terms which are outlined in the "Criteria for Obtaining Points" section. These points will concede the right to obtain free nights (accommodation) in PARADORES, according to the terms which are outlined in the "Criteria for Using Points" section.

3. The Card can be used in any of the establishments managed by PARADORES, under the conditions which are defined in these General Conditions.

4. PARADORES will inform their cardholders of any increase or decrease in the operational scope of the Program, whenever such circumstances occur, due to the incorporation or withdrawal from the Program of new establishments, services or other companies.

5. The Program is aimed at individuals (natural persons). Corporate bodies or companies (legal persons) are excluded.

6. Any person who has filled in and signed the application form provided will be considered a member of the AMIGOS DE PARADORES Program, from the moment in which they receive and sign their "AMIGOS DE PARADORES" Card, according to that which is laid out in the present General Conditions.

7. The "AMIGOS DE PARADORES" Card is the operative instrument of the Program, which identifies the Cardholders and allows them to participate. Participation in the Program and the use of the Card imply knowledge and acceptance of the present General Conditions.

8. The "AMIGOS DE PARADORES" Card is the property of PARADORES, and the cardholder is custodian of the same.

9. Membership of the "AMIGOS DE PARADORES" Program, and possession of the Card, are without charge for the Cardholder.

10. Each member of the Program may only hold one Card.

11. The "AMIGOS DE PARADORES" Card incorporates the full name of the Cardholder, as well as the personal identification
number for his/her points account.

12. The Card's valid period is unlimited. The Card is personal and non-transferable.

13. The "AMIGOS DE PARADORES" Card is not a method of payment, and therefore it cannot be used for the payment of goods and services, or to make reservations.

14. Members of the Program authorize PARADORES to keep the personal information supplied by them, as well as that obtained through the use made of the Card, and to use that information according to that which is established in the Statutory Law of the Automated Treatment of Data of a Personal Nature, and in relation to marketing actions concerning the Program and PARADORES. The Cardholders, likewise, accept that they shall receive periodic information which will be sent to them by PARADORES, and that they can, at any time, request the rectification of their personal information.

15. The rights deriving from participation in the Program and through the holding of the Card are of a highly personal character and, as a consequence, cannot be negotiated or transferred to third parties under any circumstances whatsoever.

16. Each time the cardholder stays with PARADORES during the month prior to the date of their request to join the Program, it will be noted in their account as long as these can be vouched for by the corresponding bill made out to the cardholder.

17. The advantages of the "AMIGOS DE PARADORES" card

A- Are exclusively for Cardholders, as well as the person sharing a room with him/her and, exceptionally, his/her children up to the age of 14 who are staying in another room.

B- To take advantage of these benefits it is absolutely necessary that the Cardholder be registered at the Parador.

C- These advantages are not cumulative with the benefits of other cards or programs. The Cardholder shall have the right to choose the program from which he/she would like to benefit.