General Program Terms and Conditions

- Program
- Obtaining points
- Using the points
- Cardholder information
- General
- Oro Card and Círculo Card


  • 1. The purpose of the AMIGOS DE PARADORES Programme is to reward the customers of PARADORES DE TURISMO DE ESPA√ĎA, S.M.E., S.A. (hereinafter PARADORES).
  • 2. The AMIGOS DE PARADORES Programme awards points to its members for the amount of the services provided at PARADORES and according to the conditions listed in the "Criteria for obtaining points" section. These points will entitle the holder to free stays (accommodation) at Paradores, in accordance with the conditions listed in the section "Criteria for using points".
  • 3. The card may be used at any of the establishments managed by PARADORES under the terms defined in these General Conditions.
  • 4. PARADORES shall inform cardholders of the extension/reduction of the operational scope of the Programme when such a circumstance arises due to the incorporation or withdrawal of new establishments, services or other companies from the Programme.
  • 5. The Programme is aimed at natural persons (individuals) and excludes the participation of legal entities (companies).
  • 6. A member of the AMIGOS DE PARADORES Programme is a person who has registered on the following website or has completed and signed the application form for this purpose, from the moment they receive and sign their AMIGOS DE PARADORES Card, thus accepting these General Conditions of the Programme.
  • 7. The AMIGOS DE PARADORES card (physical or virtual) is the operational instrument of the Programme that identifies the holder and entitles them to participate in it. Participation in the Programme and use of the card imply knowledge and acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions.
  • 8. The AMIGOS DE PARADORES card is the property of Paradores, and the holder is the depository of the card.
  • 9. Joining the AMIGOS DE PARADORES Programme and obtaining the card is free of charge for the cardholder.
  • 10. Each member of the Programme may only have one card.
  • 11. The AMIGOS DE PARADORES card states the name and surname of the cardholder, as well as the personal identification number of their points account.
  • 12. The standard card has an unlimited validity. It is personal and non-transferable.
  • 13. The AMIGOS DE PARADORES card is not a means of payment and, therefore, may not be used for the payment of goods and services, nor to guarantee bookings.
  • 14. The member of the Programme authorises PARADORES, as the Data Controller, to keep the personal details that they provided and those obtained from the activity of the card, and use them pursuant to the provisions of General Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR) and the current applicable national regulation with regard to marketing actions regarding the Programme and PARADORES, purpose for which they are granted. It is necessary to have a valid, individual email address in order to sign up to the Programme. The same email address cannot be used for more than one member. Moreover, the member accepts receiving periodic information send by Paradores and they can, at any point, request the rectification of their personal data.
  • 15. The rights derived from participating in the Programme and from holding the Card are of a very personal nature and, consequently, may not be traded or transferred under any circumstances to third parties.
  • 16. All stays at PARADORES that the cardholder has made one month prior to the date of application for membership of the Programme shall be credited to their account, provided that they can be justified with the corresponding nominative invoice generated by bookings that do not come from online travel agencies.
  • 17. The advantages of the "AMIGOS DE PARADORES" card and the different card levels:
    • A.- Are exclusive for the holder, the person who shares the room with them.
    • B.- In order to enjoy these benefits, it is essential that the holder has registered at the Parador.
    • C.- They will not be cumulative with the benefits of any other card or programme. The holder will be entitled to choose the programme from which they want to benefit
    • D.- If you are travelling with children up to the age of 14 and they are staying at the same time in another room, they will only benefit from the offers of accommodation or board and welcome drink, but in no case from other benefits or added values for the holder

Obtaining points

Criteria (Charges, and the persons, that obtain points)

  • 18. Points are awarded for the total amount of the invoice excluding taxes (VAT, ITE, IGIC). Points are awarded in euro fractions, according to the different types of invoices, and in accordance with the following table


Type of invoice 

Euro fractions

Equivalence in points

Accommodation, catering and others (bar, shop, spa...)



Special Services



  • 19. All invoices for accommodation, catering, bars, shops, spa, etc., generated by reservations made through our direct booking channels (website, app, PARADORES Booking Centre or the establishment itself), and those made through traditional retail agencies, as well as special invoices issued by PARADORES to individuals, applying any type of general rate in force for individual reservations, with the exception of the Parador Casa Da Insua, where invoices for special services nor invoices from the Parador shop will not generate points.

    Invoices issued for stays booked through online-only travel agencies, e.g. or or bed banks are not eligible for points. 

  • 20. The definition of the above-mentioned types of invoice and criteria for obtaining points is as follows:
    • A- Accommodation Invoices: These are invoices that contain a charge for at least one night's stay, regardless of the other items that may be included, such as restaurant, telephone, laundry, etc., and which are not invoices that may be considered as Special Services or Other. Points are only awarded to the cardholder in whose name the invoice is issued, provided that it includes the amount of their own accommodation. If different cardholders are staying at the Parador under the same reservation, but each wish to benefit from their own points, they must request that a nominative invoice be issued for each of them on arrival at the establishment.
    • B- Restaurant Invoices: These are invoices that contain at least one charge for restaurant services, according to the current prices on the menu and/or a la carte, but do not contain any room charges. However, they may include other items such as, for example, drinks from the bar. Points will be awarded to the diner and cardholder who pays the bill. In the event that several diners wish to be credited for the points corresponding to one table, they must request individual invoices beforehand.
    • C- Invoices for Special Services: These are invoices that correspond to: Invoices for banquets, weddings, communions and celebrations in general, whether or not they include any concept of accommodation, and/or which, due to their special nature, have been the object of a specific negotiation. Those invoices for accommodation and/or restaurants issued by Paradores that do not correspond to any current general rate, but to specific price agreements that have been the subject of a special negotiation. Invoices for Green Fee subscriptions that include fees for more than one month. Points are awarded to the cardholder in whose name the invoice is issued. Invoices issued on the occasion of work meetings, conventions and congresses will not be considered to be ‚Äúspecial‚ÄĚ invoices.
    • D- Other Invoices: These are invoices corresponding to charges for purchases of Parador Gift Boxes, except for the 5-night card. Concepts such as breakfast, garage, laundry, shop, mini-bar, green fee, spa, sports area or other services usually provided by the Parador, but not included in the room.
  • 21. Points are awarded per paid invoice.
  • 22. Only one holder can be awarded points for each invoice.
  • 23. Stays payable with points will not generate points.
  • 24. Services provided under Group Rates or Package Tours are not eligible for points. However, points will be awarded for services requested by individual members of the group or users of the package, according to the types of invoices caused by them.
  • 25. Services contracted with third parties outside the Parador shall not be entitled to points. In the case of "gift cards" issued by PARADORES, points are credited for the card purchase and the invoice must be in the name of the AMIGO cardholder. No points will be awarded for products operated by third parties.
  • 26. When the cardholder stays at a Parador free of charge, either because they enjoy a stay charged to their points account, or because they benefit from promotions with third parties, or for any other reason, they may obtain points, in accordance with the criteria established in articles 18 to 22, for the amount of the restaurant, bar, swimming pool and other extra services, even if the stay itself does not generate points as it has no cost to the cardholder.
  • 27. Individual vouchers issued by a travel agency generate points according to the type of invoice caused by the services covered by the voucher. They will be entitled to points for the amount of the services for other concepts not covered by the voucher, which the holder may have enjoyed during their stay, which are invoiced and paid directly by the customer.

Procedures for obtaining points

  • 28. Members of the Programme who wish to obtain the points corresponding to the amount of the services they have enjoyed shall identify themselves on arrival at the Parador with their AMIGOS DE PARADORES Card and their National Identity Card or other supporting document.
  • 29. If, exceptionally, the customer had not identified themselves as an Amigo cardholder on arrival at the Parador or when paying the bill, the procedure for the points to be credited to their points account will be as follows:
  • The cardholder shall send, within a period of up to three months from the date of the transaction, the invoice in their name, either by e-mail or by post, to the AMIGOS Centre (Apartado de Correos 62097- 28080 Madrid), indicating the AMIGOS DE PARADORES card number.
  • In the event that the invoice omits the holder's name, the holder must request that the Parador staff personalise the invoice on the same day that it is issued, presenting their ID card or other document accrediting their identity.
  • 30. We recommend that the cardholder keeps the original invoices for their stays at PARADORES, duly personalised, as well as the receipts for the restaurant bills on which the cardholder's name or card number appears, since, in the event of discrepancies, these will constitute the necessary and essential documentation for the points that may correspond to them to be credited to their account, provided that this occurs within six months of the invoice date.

Expiry of points

  • 31. For inactivity: When a cardholder's points account has not registered any accommodation movement in procurement within two consecutive years (24 months from the last accommodation movement in procurement), the points accumulated in the account will expire due to inactivity. Inactivity is understood as not to have made at least one accommodation movement in procurement in the last 24 months. The expiry date for inactivity shall be calculated from the last accommodation movement in procurement.

    In order to keep the points active in the account, invoices from restaurants, special or other services only, which do not contain at least one accommodation service, will not be taken into consideration, regardless of whether these have been generated in the 24 months prior to expiry due to inactivity, nor will accommodation charged to points or the purchase of gift boxes be regarded, with the exception of the 5 nights card.

    Points earned for restaurant bills, special services or others, may expire in the points balance if there is no movement of accommodation in procurement within 2 years.

Using the points


  • 32. The points obtained are personal and non-transferable, will be credited to the holder's points account and may be exchanged for freestays (nights' accommodation) at PARADORES or for gift boxes.
  • 33. The cardholder may use their points, paying for their accommodation with points, in any Parador and at any time of the year, but may not use them with packages or special offers.
  • 34. PARADORES shall not be held responsible for not being able to respond to the cardholder's request when the Parador is fully booked and the cardholder does not have a prior reservation.
  • 35. The cardholder may use their points once they have been recorded in their points account, 48 hours after the points have been obtained. PARADORES shall not be held responsible for any delay that may occur in the recording of the points obtained in the account when the cardholder has not identified themselves as an Amigo cardholder and the operation is manual or when the automatic record of the points is impossible for reasons beyond the control of PARADORES.
  • 36. The number of points required to obtain a free night will be established for each Parador in the points exchange table in force at any given time. They will be available at
  • 37. Any concept other than the accommodation itself generated by the holder when staying with points, must be paid by the holder directly to the establishment, using any accepted means of payment, giving rise to a transaction for obtaining points, in accordance with the provisions of section II. Consumer procedure
  • 38. Using points to obtain free stays is conditional upon the existence of a sufficient balance of points in the holder's account at the time the bill is paid.
  • 39. The cardholder must identify themselves as an ‚ÄúAMIGOS DE PARADORES" cardholder, together with their ID card or other document accrediting their identity, on arrival at the Parador, and inform the reception staff that they are going to pay with points. The reservation must have been made beforehand indicating that the payment will be made with points. The points will be deducted from the cardholder when leaving the Parador. The points consumed will always correspond to the oldest points in the holder's account.
  • 40. Only the cardholder, the person sharing the room with them and, exceptionally, their children up to the age of 14 staying in another room can enjoy the free stays, which are personal and non-transferable.


Holder's information


  • 41. All information concerning the holder's account can be found at, AMIGOS exclusive area. PARADORES shall periodically send by email to those members of the Programme who have provided their email address, or by post, information that may be of interest to them.
  • 42. If the holder detects an error in their account, they must send proof of the error to the AMIGOS Service Centre.
  • 43. The holder who wishes to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, portability and oblivion must send a written request, by post or by telematic means, to the addresses below, indicating the reason, with the handwritten signature of the interested party - or a valid and recognised electronic signature in the case of requesting it by e-mail -, accompanied by a photocopy of their national identity card or equivalent document accrediting their identity.
    • A.- Postal correspondence: AMIGOS DE PARADORES. Apartado de Correos 62097 - 28080 Madrid.
    • B.- E-mail:
  • 44. If, for any reason, the Programme member wishes to unregister from the Programme, he/shethey must send a written communication to that effect to the AMIGOS Service Centre, by letter or e-mail, indicating the reason, with a handwritten signature of the interested party and a photocopy of they national identity card or equivalent document accrediting their identity, to the addresses indicated below, in exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, portability and oblivion, which, as the data subject, they are entitled to.
    • A.- Postal address: AMIGOS DE PARADORES. Apartado de Correos 62097 - 28080 Madrid.
    • B.- E-mail:
  • 45. In order to ensure the correct receipt of communications sent by the holder to the AMIGOS Service Centre, such communications must be sent by registered mail. PARADORES accepts no liability for non-receipt of the documentation sent to the Customer Service Centre.
  • 46. Members of the AMIGOS DE PARADORES Programme may request information or consult any incident related to it by calling the AMIGOS Service Centre: 91 374 26 00, by e-mail or by writing to the following address:
    • A.- Postal address: AMIGOS DE PARADORES. Apartado de Correos 62097 - 28080 Madrid.
    • B.- E-mail:
  • 47. In the event of loss, theft or damage to the card, the cardholder must notify the Customer Service Centre in writing, in order to proceed to reprint and send a new card to the cardholder.
  • 48. The AMIGOS Service Centre provides a call centre service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


  • 49. These General Conditions are valid as of 7 September 2021. PARADORES reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions, without being obliged to give its members prior notice.
  • 50. Paradores reserves the right to cancel the points account and its balance and to unregister any cardholder who makes improper use of the Programme or of the card, or fails to comply with the rules contained in these General Conditions, or makes improper use of the Parador, and may demand from the cardholder any liabilities that may arise from such use or non-compliance. Likewise, PARADORES reserves the right to cancel the points account, its balance, and unregister from the Programme those holders who, by any means, carry out acts or behaviours which, in an unfounded, spurious, or disproportionate manner, harm the image or good name of PARADORES, make improper use of the Parador, and/or infringe the rules of good coexistence and hygiene. The cancellation of the account and the unregistering from the Programme for any of the abovementioned reasons, will invalidate the member from being able to sign up to the Amigos de Paradores Programme again for a period of three (3) years from the date in which they were notified of their unregistration. The existence of any amount pending to be paid to the company will automatically, and without prior warning, lead to the suspension being entitled to use the points balance that you have available on your account with the Programme. This measure will be sustained until the moment in which the total amount pending from the holder is duly paid. Without prejudice to the immediate effectiveness of the suspension of the use of points, PARADORES will notify the interested party of the existence of an overdraft.
  • 51. Paradores reserves the right to cancel the AMIGOS DE PARADORES Programme at any time, giving holders 6 months' notice, and shall not be liable for any damages caused to holders as a result of the cancellation. 6 months' notice is not required when the cancellation of the Programme is due to force majeure.
  • 52. These General Conditions shall be applied and interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation.
  • 53. For any disputes that may arise from this contract, the parties, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, agree to submit to the Courts of Madrid (Capital).


Oro Card and Círculo Card

Card categories that identify the guests that visit PARADORES the most, and give them access to exclusive services, promotions and attention, different from those offered to the standard cards. Beneficiaries of these advantages are set out in article 17 of these terms and conditions. Both cards shall be renewed annually.
In order to achieve these card levels, guests need to accumulate points during the two preceding calendar years:

  • Between 1,000 and 2,499 points to receive the Oro Card
  • 2,500 points or above to receive the C√≠rculo Card

In both cases, points shall be accumulated from accommodation and/or restaurant bills This does not include expenditure on special services.
These requirements may be reviewed annually.
The mere accumulation of the previously outlined number of points does not guarantee the immediate attainment of the benefits inherent to being a Círculo or Oro card holder.
The PARADORES Marketing Department will expressly communicate the fulfilment of the Círculo or Oro Card access conditions to the AMIGOS DE PARADORES card holder. Only once the cardholder has received the Círculo or Oro Card at their home address, they will be able to enjoy all of the advantages and benefits that this entails.
Under no circumstances shall those AMIGOS DE PARADORES that had, by any means, carried out in an unfounded, spurious, or disproportionate way acts or behaviours harming the image or the good name of PARADORES, had misused the Parador or its facilities and/or had infringed the rules of coexistence and hygiene, buy or renew the condition of ‚ÄúOro‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúC√≠rculo‚ÄĚ client, regardless of the accumulated points.
The special treatment on the breakfast price for the different card levels does not apply in cases where the room reservation was made through online-only agencies, e.g., or bed banks, or with certain excluded rates published at