#ParadoresPlans: 3-day getaway to Cáceres

Want to "get a little culture" while also enjoying fantastic natural surroundings and discovering everything one of Spain's best off-the-beaten-path areas has to offer? Cáceres offers many unique spots that are sure to surprise, for in this World Heritage City with cobbled streets, you will stumble upon some remnant of history with every step. Medieval houses and fortresses, Paleolithic cave paintings, Neolithic pottery, Renaissance mansions, Arab walls...without a doubt, this is the place to surrender yourself to whatever comes along.

For a truly magical experience, you'll want to stay at the Parador de Cáceres, a Renaissance palace in the heart of the city and the perfect setting-off point for your explorations and journeys around this travel destination. Need a little inspiration? Here are some suggestions for the places you absolutely won't want to miss.

 Parador de Cáceres

Day 1: exploring the old quarter

Parador de Cáceres

The best way to start your first day is with our magnificent buffet breakfast. This will give you all the energy you need for your busy day. Because walking is the best way to get to know a city, isn't it? This excellent historical tour, starting off at Estrella Arch, will take you to the following sights, in this order:

  • Santa María Square
  • Tiendas Street
  • Godoy Street
  • Camberos Street and Santiago Square
  • Santa María Square
  • San Jorge Square
  • Cuesta del Marqués Street
  • Cristo Arch
  • San Antonio Chapel
  • Don Álvaro Alley
  • Casa del Sol (House of the Sun)
  • San Mateo Square
  • San Pablo Square
  • Veletas Square
  • Santa Clara Square
  • Ancha Street
  • Condes Street
  • Santa Ana Arch

Parador de Cáceres

Day 2: discovering the religious sites

The second day is your chance to see everything you didn't have time for on the previous day, especially if you got sidetracked by the sidewalk cafés and handicraft shops. This is also an excellent opportunity to take in some of the important religious buildings in Cáceres. A few suggestions:

  • San Francisco Javier Church
  • San Mateo Church
  • San Francisco Monastery
  • Espíritu Santo Chapel
  • Virgen de la Montaña Shrine

Day 3: getting out in nature

Another of the many attractions in Cáceres is the wild natural surroundings. There are two protected natural areas: Los Llanos de Cáceres (13 km) and Sierra de San Pedro (30 km). A little further away, some 55 km, is Monfragüe National Park and Biosphere Reserve, which offers countless trails to enjoy on your outdoor day.

 Parador de Cáceres

Whether you like walking through the city or in the hills, untamed nature or shops selling ancient handicrafts, Cáceres is sure to delight. But why not discover for yourself just what your favorite part of Cáceres is. How about it?

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Below is a map of the area. See you soon!

For more information about Cáceres, please visit the official website: http://turismo.ayto-caceres.es/en