Road trip around Castilla La Mancha with 3 historic Paradores

Doing a road trip around Castilla La Mancha means having the opportunity of admiring beautiful landscapes, discovering historic towns and cities, getting immersed in culture and of course, tasting the amazing typical gastronomy. What do you think about this plan? To make things easier, we have prepared a route for you to discover Castilla La Mancha by staying at the 3 amazing Paradores Luxury Hotels located in this area. The Paradores at Albacete, Alarc贸n and Cuenca will definitely make this experience amazing.


Let麓s start the tour in Albacete, the southern destination in Castilla La Mancha of this roadtrip. In here, you will have the opportunity to spend the night in a La Mancha country house with lovely guest rooms and spend the day doing tourism or having fun at the golf course, swimming pool, terrace and garden of the amazing Parador de Albacete.

Besides enjoying the Parador and its facilities, Albacete must be discovered because it has many interesting sights, natural landscapes and historic monuments. The town center is located only 3km away from the Parador and besides the historic part, it offers shopping areas, city parks, museums and more. Some of the must visits include the Archeological Museum of Albacete, Posada del Rosario, the Pasaje de Lodares, the Cathedral of Albacete, known as San Juan Bautista Cathedral and many more.

From the Parador de Albacete you will have to drive for 93km through the CM-220 to get to the next stop, the historic Parador de Alarc贸n.

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Parador de Albacete


The next stop of the Castilian road trip is Alarc贸n, an ideal destination for getting immersed in history and enjoying nature, all in one place. The Parador de Alarc贸n is definitely the ideal spot to stay and explore the many sights that these village which has been declared an Area of Artistic-Historical Importance, has to offer. 聽

If you are into culture and history, you cannot miss to see the paintings of San Juan, the altarpiece of Santa Mar铆a, the church of Santo Domingo de Silos, and the amazing castle of Alarc贸n, the home of the Parador de Alarc贸n. Besides the tourism, activities such as fishing in the J煤car River, hiking through the Alarc贸n Gorge and sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and rowing are available in the wetlands of Alarc贸n.

To get from the Parador de Alarc贸n to amazing Cuenca, you will have to take a drive of 82km and approximately 1 hour through the CM-220.

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Parador de Alarc贸n


The third and last stop of the Castilian road trip is Cuenca, an amazing World Heritage City with a special charm that you麓ll love. Watching the famous hanging houses and visiting the any interesting sights of this city is possible from the Parador de Cuenca, which is housed in a former monastery and has a privileged location atop the Hu茅ca Gorge.

Walking around Cuenca is relaxing and unique. Stroll along the Plaza Mayor, cross the bridge of San Pablo, visit the Santa Mar铆a and San Juli谩n Cathedral, admire the Hanging houses over the Hu茅car River and enjoy Cuenca.

Don麓t miss to try the delicious Castilian cuisine which includes plates such as La-Mancha style gazpacho, pisto manchego, marinated pork loin, garlic pur茅ed potatoes, truffle eggs, beef jowls, Manchego cheeses and more. Delicious!

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Parador de Cuenca

Are you ready to discover Castilla La Mancha? Don麓t wait any longer, book now at the Paradores of this roadtrip and discover the essence of la Mancha. If you prefer, you can make your stay in your preferred spot in Castilla La Mancha. What will it be?聽