Unique Rooms with best views at Paradores

How can a normal getaway change into a magical experience? In Paradores, we strongly believe that what makes the best of a stay of our hosts is what we call “Unique Rooms”. These are the most selected suites that our Paradores offer, and they have the power of bewitch our visitors with their lovely decoration, comfort and location. For you to have the opportunity to choose the ideal room during your experience in Spain, we have selected three of our Unique Rooms with the best views at Paradores. Check them out!

  1. El Mirador de Rompeolas (Room n. 242) at Parador de Baiona. Of course this wonderful Parador de Baiona had to be one of the hotels with the most beautiful rooms and views. El Mirador de Rompeolas is one of the most impressive rooms in all of our Paradores chain. It is also one of the best decorated ones: long red curtains, a big and extremely comfy double bed and a cute and intimate corner with armchairs to admire the views from the window. The best part of this room is the feeling of comfort together with the fact of feeling in contact with the beautiful outside landscape with the Atlantic Ocean in the front. 

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Parador de Baiona

  • Del Tajo (Room n. 125) at Parador de Ronda. What is it better than staying at a large and light-filled room? The sunrays will come through the windows and will make you feel the warmth of the south of Spain. Through the window, you can have a look and enjoy the stunning New Bridge masterpiece while having a glass of wine or maybe a coffee. This room has been carefully decorated so as to look modern and traditional at the same time. You will feel so at home that you won’t want to leave. 

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Parador de Ronda

  • Sant Ramón (Room n.402) at Parador de Cardona. This Middle Age styled Parador is one of the most famous ones. It really gets to take you back in the IX century and this Sant Ramón room even gets it more. Every single view around the luxury hotel will impress you so much that you will feel amazed by so much beauty around you. Sant Ramón room is such an intimate suit. Staying at Parador de Cardona is already an unforgettable experience, but staying at Sant Ramón room will be making the best of the experience at the Parador.

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Parador de Cardona

Which one would you choose ?