Walking routes, charming towns, beaches and history in a perfect trip to Nerja

Nerja, in Málaga, is full of beaches, crystal clear waters and cliffs. But, that's not all. If you like adventure and travelling in cooler seasons, you can also visit many charming places and carry out activities where you can enjoy the natural landscape. What can you do and visit?

  • Frigiliana, the Cave of Nerja and the Botanical Garden

If you stay at the Parador de Nerja, just 7 km away you will find one of the jewels of this destination: Frigiliana. This is a charming town, with white houses and pastel coloured doors and windows that will make you think that you are strolling through the Mamma Mia film set. The streets are meticulously cared for and no detail is missing. With every step you take, you'll find viewpoints onto the surroundings. This town is one of the most beautiful and charming places on the Costa del Sol. Don't miss out on visiting!



The story of the Cave of Nerja (just 10 min away from the Parador) will surprise you and will make you remember the theme song of the popular Spanish TV series from the eighties "Verano Azul". In 1959, five youngsters playing followed a flock of bats until they reached a cavity where they finally found the cave. Nowadays, it has been refurbished and can be visited, with the possibility of taking different routes. One of them is guided by Miguel Joven, the actor that played Tito in "Verano Azul" (ask for more information about tickets and opening hours at the Parador).

Figura de los descubridores de la Cueva de Nerja

Next to the cave, you will find Nerja's Botanical Garden, located just inside the unique Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama Natural Park, with traditional crops like cherimoyas, avocados and mangoes, vegetation dependent on the climate with pine groves and holm oaks, and also that dependent on special soils and collections such as orchids.

Jardín Botánico Nerja

From November to March, it is very common to find groups enjoying trekking and taking motorcycle routes through nature. Nerja, and the entire region, offers many plans for the most daring visitors and also for those who look for relaxation and calm on the beach. Close to the Cave of Nerja, you can find a way up to the Esparto Fountain, named as such due to the abundance of this material in the area. And the reward? Drinking fresh water that flows down the mountain range. The approximate length is 6 km. A perfect plan to enjoy the day in nature and breathe in fresh air.

 Ruta Nerja Fuente del EspartoFuente del Esparto en Nerja

For a perfect experience, stay at the Parador de Nerja, a paradise on the edge of the sea with a semi-panoramic lift that takes you directly to the Burriana Beach. 

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