Maestrazgo Route

Be amazed by the charms of this wild region shared by Castellón and Teruel and sculpted in the Middle Ages by Military Orders.

Days 1 and 2
Sunday and Monday.
The natural region of the Maestrazgo has a gleaming coastline in which the mountains and mountain ranges placed in the interior Maestrazgo vanish. On the Costa del Azahar, Benicarló is a good starting point to get to know this pleasant coast, with several places such as Peñíscola, where the remarkable Templar castle of Papa Luna dominates the area, almost flying over the sea. Towards the interior, Els Ports-Maestrat area must be visited, the capital of which is the beautiful town of Morella, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain with centuries-old walls crowned by the magnificent castle located at more than a thousand metres high. Benicarló, with a medieval old town full of stately houses, is a dynamic city where you can practice active tourism at the Benicarló-Peñíscola Nautical Station or where you can go out for a drink during summer nights.
Day 3
Half a hundred kilometres away, but in the province of Tarragona, there is the town of Tortosa, located in the lands that surround the last stretch of the River Ebro until its mouth, forming the wide Ebro Delta. It is a Natural Park with a beauty and unique landscape; it is one of the most important wetlands in the western Mediterranean flanked by rice paddies and marshes. Inland, the mountain area of Els Ports, which is also a Natural Park, and the Pàndols and Cavalls mountain ranges are witnesses to the last great battle of the Spanish Civil War. Tortosa, with a long historical tradition, stands facing the river and, in order to enjoy it, there is nothing better than navigating it on the famous Lo Sirgador sailboat, which is made like an old boat. The town has a rich monumental heritage, such as the Arab enclosure ofLa Suda, placed on a hill, where the Parador is located. It must also be noted, from the Gothic period, the bishop’s palace, the Despuig palace-house, the Marquis de Bellet palace, the Oliver de Boteller palace, the convent, the church and the cloister of Santa Clara, the Romeu entrance arch, and the market. From the Renaissance period, the Royal Colleges, the church of Sant Domènec and the palace of Capmany i Vallcabra are worth visiting. There are also some remarkable modernist works, such as the town market, park and slaughterhouse, and the Grego house. A visit to the lively food market will also allow you to taste the products and the great cuisine of the Ebro area, which embraces both the sea and the mountains due to its closeness to the generous vegetable fields and rich fishing. It is worth highlighting, as a curiosity, that visitors can take a route to the mussels in San Carles de la Rapita, where, in addition to these bivalves, oysters are also grown, and people can have a tasting therein.
Days 4 and 5
Wednesday and Thursday.
Heading inland, we arrive in the Bajo Aragón region. The commanders of the Order of Calatrava lived for several centuries in the castle-convent of Alcañiz, where the Parador is located today, which stands on a hill overlooking the town. The tower keep (12th century) stands out in the town with its gothic wall paintings from the 14th century, the medieval passageways, the monumental complex of Plaza de España, formed by the town hall (16th century), the Gothic market (14th century) and the church of Santa María la Mayor (18th century). The town of Teruel is a good starting point to visit the Matarranya reagion, with its medieval towns, such as Valderrobres, Calaceite and the Parrisal Natural Park in Beceite, as well as the nearby Maestrazgo with its mountain range with high landscapes and beautiful towns, such as Mosqueruela, La Iglesuela del Cid, Cantavieja or Mirambel. The Maestrazgo in Teruel is made up of a wide range of landscapes, structured by the River Guadalope and its tributaries, where several ranges, ravines, plains, moorlands and lush forests can be found. The MotorLand Aragón circuit offers a sports area where you can practice autocross, karting or motocross, and enjoy competitions such as the MotoGP Grand Prix of Aragon. However, if the city of Alcañiz is known for something, it is for the Easter Week, declared of International Tourist Interest and framed within the Drum and Bass Drum Route in Bajo Aragón, which is a sonorous event great for ethnological and cultural tourism. You must also taste the exquisite ham in the area, the black truffle, the olive oil from Bajo Aragón, the saffron from Jiloca, the peaches from Calanda, traditional sweets...
Days 6 and 7
Friday and Saturday.
The end of the trip is Teruel, a unique place where strolling through its streets, walking along its walls and entering its monuments is like having a route to the Middle Ages. Teruel is speaking about Mudejar art, a beautiful cultural and monumental legacy that has survived throughout the centuries, and also about the Lovers of Teruel, whose mausoleum can be visited and whose legend has given rise to a massive and romantic festival. The Mudejar art in Teruel, declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, embraces the Aragonese Islamic tradition, highlighting the tower of the cathedral, the tower of San Pedro, the tower of San Martín, the tower of San Salvador and the tower of La Merced... You must see the beautiful roof of the cathedral, made with great beauty and harmony. But the architecture of Teruel exists beyond the Mudéjar art and its Art Deco buildings are also especially noteworthy. Especially if you are traveling with children or you are a fan of Jurassic Park, you cannot miss Dinópolis, a theme park set in the world of dinosaurs. And there is no better souvenir than the Teruel Ham, which was the first with the Denomination of Origin in Spain. You cannot miss Albarracín, located just 37 kilometres away and one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. It is a unique place where strolling through its streets, walking along its walls and entering its monuments is like having a route to the Middle Ages. Pay attention to the original wrought iron aldabas (door knockers)!