Route of the Costa de la Luz

This trail runs along the mainland coast with its mixture of landscapes and cities bathed in history and legend by the waters of the Atlantic.

Day 1
Departure. Sunday.
The old Yazira Qadis: "island or peninsula of Cadiz". To get to see the city in all its splendour, head up the Tavia Tower; entryway to the walled city, the Tierra Gates open out here. Lying below, the dome of Cadiz Cathedral can be seen.

The wide-open, immense Caleta beach marks the city's horizon, with Santa Catalina Castle to one end and San Sebastián Castle to the other. The latter was built on top of a Moorish tower which, in turn, stood atop a temple dedicated to Cronus. A visit to the Museum of Cadiz is unmissable.
Day 2
This beautiful area is accessible from the Parador itself.

The rich forests, picturesque fauna "shared with the nearby Doñana National Park", the rich variety of fish life, the unbeatable facilities at the Marina, and the quality of the beaches "consistently awarded the blue flag" make Mazagón an ideal spot for rest and relaxation.
Day 3
Ayamonte is the last stop on the Costa de la Luz trail, making for the ideal place to rest and relax, taking in the River Guadiana basin and beaches such as Isla Canela and Punta del Moral ' beautiful beaches where dunes created by the marine currents and sea tides characterise the landscape and surroundings. The Isla Cristina Nature Reserve is a true highlight. This nature spot is located between the municipalities of Ayamonte and Isla Cristina. The group of marshes is next to the Carreras and Guadiana River estuary. Not forgetting the pleasant year-round climate and Portugal lying nearby.