Route of Gredos Natural Reserve and Monfragüe National Reserve

This is a trail for history and pure nature lovers, stopping at many immensely beautiful spots with a rich history around Madrid and its neighbouring provinces.

Days 1 and 2
Sunday and Monday.
This is a journey to delight in a few days surrounded by nature, history and relaxation. Gredos is an immense granite mound, a natural area considered to be the backbone of the Iberian Peninsula. From an organic standpoint, the whole territory has sprang up as the most valued mountain range in the entire Central System.

The towns surrounding the mountains are dotted along the hillsides and valleys and preserve their popular architecture and rural traditions. The Parador can inform you about the many trails on foot or horseback to be enjoyed in the Sierra and its beautiful setting. You may be fortunate enough to see the Hispanic goat, king of the mountain, on one of your excursions.
Day 3
The unequalled and monumentally beautiful Parador of Jarandilla is the starting point to explore places such as the Monastery of Yuste, where the Emperor Carlos V spent his last days. A visit to natural beauty spots such as La Garganta de la Olla gorge is well worth it. Further recommended visits are La Vera villages, with Valverde and Villanueva standing out.

These northern regions where the Ambroz, Jerte and Tiétar rivers flow are located in the spurs between the Sierra de Gredos and the city of Plasencia. They are all tributaries of the River Tajo, making for natural divisions between the regions and the mountains of Tras la Sierra and Sierra de Tormantos.
Days 4 and 5
Wednesday and Thursday.
Plasencia is the last stage on our route along this section of La Ruta de Plata and a true gift for those last hours in Extremadura to enjoy visits to places such as the New and Old Cathedrals. The area surrounding the Cathedral houses beautiful spots.

The bustling Plaza Mayor, the Bishop's Palace, the Palaces of the Marquesses of Mirabel, Carvajal-Girón, Las Torres and the convent of San Vicente Ferrer are further area of particular interest in the city. A visit to Montfragüe Nature Reserve is a must, lying near the city itself. This unique natural area covers 17,852 ha and is a protected space extending to both sides of the River Tajo. The fauna living in the unique setting include: the black vulture, the imperial eagle, the black stork, the griffon vulture, the Eurasian eagle owl, the royal eagle, the lynx, the otter...
Days 6 and 7
Friday and Saturday.
La Mancha - land of plains, errant knights and vassals - provides visitors with the chance to explore the area on this journey. Our trail begins in Oropesa where visitors can explore the 16th-century Jesuit School, the 15th-century Nuestra Señora de la Asunción church and the 15th-century New Palace.