Route of the Green Spain I

This trail takes you along the Bay of Biscay coast, with its fishing villages, walled cities and mountain settings.

Days 1 and 2
Sunday and Monday.
The town is home to the parish church of San Pedro. There are also many interesting towns such as Laredo, Castrourdiales and Santoña in the surrounding areas. In addition, the presence of nature herself on the journey is a highlight with trips to the Cabárceno Nature Reserve and Ansón Valley. Other fascinating spots to discover are Santander and Bilbao with the Guggenheim Museum.
Day 3
Santillana is a real treat for visitors in itself. The streets, palaces and large houses, Santa Juliana Collegiate Church and museums such as the Regina Coelli Religious Art are waiting for you to explore.

Altamira Neo-Cave and the Museum are a must-see before you leave the area to uncover our past. Further recommended visits include Comillas, Santander and Cabárceno Nature Reserve. Make sure you stop at El Soplao Cave and towns such as San Vicente de la Barquera on your trip towards Asturias.
Day 4
What lies at the heart of Asturias can be found in this terrain. We suggest you visit the Roman Bridge, Santa Cruz Chapel and Cortés Palace in Cangas de Onís.

Lying near the Picos de Europa National Park, stop by the Casa Dago (the Picos de Europa National Park Visitors Centre). The Real Sitio de Covadonga is another special interest area alongside the Covadonga Lakes (Enol and La Ercina) and Cares Trail.
Day 5
The historical, commercial and industrial city of Gijón has sea, gentle mountains and a centre that make it one of the most attractive cities in the north of Spain. San Lorenzo beach, the seafront, the marina, the Semana Negra or Black Week, the social life and party atmosphere entice you to explore the city.

Some of its many attractions include a network of museums and a multifarious cultural selection: the International Cinema Festival, the Latin American Literature Fair, the Railway Museum, The International Bagpipes Museum, the Jovellanos Birthplace Museum, the Nicanor Piñole Museum, the Revillagigedo Palace...
Day 6
This seafaring Galician town on the border between Galicia and Asturias provides a necessary rest at the end of the trail to explore immensely beautiful areas and different beaches, with Las Catedrales beach and Ribdeo estuary being true highlights. A visit to San Damián Fountain, Do Santos Bridge and the nearby town of Castropol is highly recommended.
Day 7
A visit to the natural beauty spots of the River Magdalena and the River Ladra is of interest. Alligal Medicinal Pool (thermal springs). A visit to the Pre-history and Archaeology Museum is also recommended. Cospeito (10 km.). Lagunas de Valverde (10 km.) and Mondoñedo (25 km.). Cathedral and Diocese Museum.