Route of the Maestrazgo region

This Route visits the territories which during the Medieval Age were incorporated to the Kingdom of Aragón thanks to different military knights and their orders. Its deep historical legacy constitutes their cultural identity, which will help you to discover this singular region.

Days 1 and 2
Sunday and Monday.
The Maestrazgo Region is a luminous front facing the seaside. The Mediterranean Sea dilutes the mountains and ranges of the inner part of the Maestrazgo. Benicarló is a good starting point for discovering this pleasant coast, with near villages like Peñíscola, dominated by the fortress of the "Papa Luna", which looks like it was flying over the water and the older part of town. In the interior, we may visit the area of Els Ports-Maestrat, with beautiful villages like Morella, with numerous civil and religious monuments, reflecting the history of the village.
Day 3
The village of Tortosa is located on the last meter of the Ebro River, before the river forms its delta. Within the delta, the Natural Park with a very singular and beautiful landscape, one of the most important humid areas in the Western Mediterranean Sea. In the inner part of the region, the mountains are of "Les Ports", which is also a Natural Park, and the mountain ranges of Pàndols and Cavalls: here, the last battles of the Spanish Civil War were fought. The town of Tortosa has a long tradition and a rich monumental patrimony, starting with the building in which the Parador is located on a hill, in the Arab relict of La Suda. We also would like to point out the bishop' s palace on Gothic style, the palace-house of Despuig, the palace of the Marquis de Bellet and the palace of Oliver de Boteller. Also the convent, the church and the cloister of Santa Clara, the "Portal del Romeu", and "La Lonja". From the Renaissance époque, we have to highlight the "Reales Colegios", the church of Sant Domènec and the palace of Capmany i Vallcabra. There are also some modernist buildings, like the market, the park and the city slaughter house, as well as the Grego houses.
Days 4 and 5
Wednesday and Thursday.
In the region of Bajo Aragón, the knights of the "Orden de Calatrava" resided during several centuries in its castle, which is located on a hill dominating the village, and in which the Parador deAlcañiz is located today. In Alcañiz, the visitor should see the "Torre Del Homenaje" (XII century) with its Gothic wall paintings of the XIV century, the medieval secret passes, and the monumental Plaza de España, formed by the City Hall (XVI century), the Gothic "Lonja" (XIV century), and the church of Sta María la Mayor (XVIII century). Alcañiz is a good starting point for visiting the region "Comarca del Matarranya" with its medieval villages of Valderrobres and Calaceite and the Natural Park of "El Parrisal" in Beceite, as well as the nearby region of the "Maestrazgo" with its mountains and beautiful small villages, like Mosqueruela, La Iglesuela Del Cid, Cantavieja or Mirambel. The Maestrazgo region in the province of Teruel is conformed by an ample range of landscapes, crossed by the Guadalupe River and its affluent, with lots of canyons, gardens and deep forests.
Days 6 and 7
Friday and Saturday.
Talking about the city of Teruel is talking about the "Mudéjar"- style, a beautiful cultural and monumental legacy which has survived long centuries. It is also talking about the "Lovers of Teruel" (Amantes de Teruel). The "Mudéjar" - style of Teruel comes from the Islamic tradition of Aragón. We want to point out the tower of the cathedral, the tower of San Pedro, the tower of San Martin, the tower of San Salvador and the tower of La Merced...You should also not miss the beautiful ceiling of the cathedral, of great beauty and harmony. For all of these monuments, the "Mudéjar" - style monuments of Teruel, which reflect the Spanish "Mudéjar", have been declared by the UNESCO World Heritage. In Teruel, there are many more sites to visit, like the theme park Dinópolis, dedicated to dinosaurs. (The park does not open all the year; please consult opening dates and hours at the reception desk). This park is very attractive both for adults and for kids. Also worth visiting is the mausoleum of the "Amantes de Teruel".