Route at the Palencia Mountains and Picos de Europa

Enjoy one of the largest collection of Romanesque heritage in Europe: in the Palencia Mountains, to the north of the Cantabrian mountain range, you may visit the Picos de Europa and the National Park.

Days 1 and 2
Sunday and Monday.
This trail is a true nature and art dream. The Fuentes Carrionas and Fuente Cobre Nature Reserve is a diverse natural museum full of ecosystems, green valleys, local flora and fauna, and uniquely beautiful landscapes and areas.

The area is home to a spectacular almost unknown mountain range, where some peaks rise over 2,000 metres high, and a natural space basking in beautiful glacial lakes. Whether on foot, in a 4x4, etc. discovering this area is a true pleasure for all the senses. There are areas of special nature interest such as Ruesga and the Estrecho Valley, La Pernía and Fuente Cobre, the Reservoir Trail, the Peña del Oso path, etc.
Day 3
The Parador of Cervera reception staff will be happy to point out the many possibilities for getting to Fuente Dé to explore the beauty of the mountain and the grandeur of the Picos de Europa. The mountain range is located to the north of the Cantabrian Mountain Range and is one of the most spectacular and beautiful in the Iberian Peninsula: the Picos de Europa and the National Park.

The Parador is an excellent and privileged spot to stay and discover the spectacular natural setting. It is easy to get to the heart of the Central Massif or Urrieles and the Puertos de Aliva on the Fuente Dé cable railway. Staff at the Parador will be happy to suggest and recommend many varied trails around this spectacular setting for you to enjoy.