Route of the Royal Sites

A tour around the places where our history unfolded, evocative sites of events marking the present and which, today, have become attractive destinations - not only from an historical point of view, but as ideal spots to relax whilst immersing oneself in nature.

Day 1
Departure. Sunday.
Chinchón is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages in the Community of Madrid. From the Plaza Mayor, we propose a walking tour stopping at the Lope de Vega theatre, the churches and chapels, convents, the "Casa de la Cadena" or chain house and Los Condes Castle.

This is, without doubt, a tour around the rich heritage housed in what was once declared the very Loyal and Noble town of Chinchón by Felipe V. Aranjuez is just a few kilometres away. This Royal Spot, declared "World Heritage cultural site", is a palace and fertile plain.

The idyllic spot has, since the time of the Catholic Monarchs, been chosen as a holiday residence for Spanish monarchs. La Isla Gardens, the Palace and El Príncipe Gardens are just some of the unmissable stops. Just a stone's throw from Chinchón, Madrid offers all the attractions of the capital of Spain.
Day 2
Real Sitio de La Granja is located on the north face of the Sierra de Guadarrama, around 90 km. from Madrid. Its name comes from an old farm the Hieronymite monks from El Parral monastery used to own with Felipe V moving here in 1724 where, for the next twenty years, he extended the gardens and the palace which was used as a summer residence by all his successors until Alfonso XIII.

The beautiful palace, gardens, fountains and the interesting Glass Museum at the National Glass Centre make for the perfect excuse to stay at the Parador.

The many rambling routes around the Sierra de Guadarrama leaving from La Granja or Valsaín are further highlights. Do not forget to stop by the Spa during your stay at the Parador.
Day 3
Tordesillas is a town that has always been linked to the Monarchs and history of Spain. One of the major events in the history of Tordesillas took place in 1494 - the signing of the Treaty dated 7th June 1494 where the Castilian and Portuguese crowns shared out the navigation and conquest rights to the Atlantic.

The Plaza Mayor, bridge, city walls, the Royal Monastery of Clara, the Church Museum of San Antolín, San Pedro, San Juan, Santiago and Santamaria churches, the "Casa del Tratado" or Treaty house and the many houses and palaces are highlights in town. Valladolid with its Contemporary Art Museum, Science Museum, Plaza Mayor and many other attractions lies nearby.