Route of the Sun

A tour of the south coast of Spain.

Day 1
Departure. Sunday.
The first thing that will strike you about Lorca is the number of baroque buildings you will find as you explore the streets. Lorca was declared an area of artistic and historical importance in 1964 because of its architectural legacy. It is a true emblem of Spanish baroque. Façades adorned with heraldry, coats of arms of noble families, houses and palaces, churches and guildhalls, the name City of One Hundred Coats of Arms speaks of its noble past and its status as a site of historic interest.

Highlights include San Patricio Collegiate Church, the City Hall building and other nearby buildings. On the hilltop stands Lorca Castle.

In Lorca, one can sense the historic frontier, first with the Caliphate of Córdoba and later with the kingdom of Alfonso X the Wise. Centuries of war, incursions, skirmishes and unstable years led to the 15th century, when Lorca was named a city.
Days 2 and 3
Monday and Tuesday.
The lengthy coastline of Mojácar offers visitors the option of choosing between beaches near inhabited areas, with full services, a wide strip of sand and moderate waves, or a series of small, silent coves far from built-up areas, all completely virgin and beautiful. Over the years, different civilizations and cultures have passed through Mojácar, turning this Almeria town into one of the most emblematic and architecturally beautiful in the province. Mojácar is located on a vantage point, dominating the horizon, causing it to be coveted by many different peoples in antiquity.