Route through the heart of Al-Andalus

Route through the heart of Al-Andalus.

Day 1
Departure. Sunday.
Located on the fertile plains of the river Corbones, Carmona is a city noted for its monuments and the hallmarks of the different cultures that have lived there throughout its long history. Churches, palaces and city walls form part of the important artistic heritage found in its historic city centre, dominated by the impressive image of its Arabic fortress, the Alcázar del Rey Don Pedro. It's location, just a few kilometres from Seville (Ishbilya), allows you to enjoy the vast monumental and artistic heritage of this city, such as the Real Alcázar, which Abed al-Rhaman III began constructing in the year 913. Also of interest are the Cathedral, the Giralda, the Torre de Oro, as well as the numerous leisure activities on offer in Seville.

Days 2 and 3
Monday and Tuesday.
Córdoba was the dream of the Caliphs, capital of the Omeya Caliphate and centre of Western Muslim wisdom in this period. In this city and the surrounding area we can discover all the splendour of this culture in monuments and places such as the Mosque-Cathedral and Medina Azahara. Other interesting sights include the Synagogue, the city walls, the Roman bridge, the Royal Stables, and interesting museums such as the Julio Romero de Torres Museum, the Archaeology Museum, the Bull Fighting Museum, and the Museum of Fine Art. Losing yourself in the beautiful city of Cordoba is a pleasure for all the senses. This route is one of the most complex and rich trails around the city, showing you sights filled with charm and sensuality.