Route of the World Heritage City

A trail for history and pure nature lovers, skirting around Madrid and visiting all neighbouring provinces.

Day 1
Departure. Sunday.
Cuenca, magic town, waits for you to discover the "Casas Colgadas" (Hanging Houses), its cathedral, the church of San Miguel and the church of San Pedro, the convent of "Las Descalzas y San Nicolás", among other monuments. Cuenca will also surprise you with the beauty of the nearby "Ciudad Encantada", where stones come to life. Lovers of art should visit the "Museo de Arte Abstracto". The "Museo de las Ciencias de Castilla La Mancha" and the provincial "Museo Arqueológico" are other highlights.
Day 2
This is the hometown of Cervantes; the town is beautiful because of its narrow streets, its palaces and convents and its many civil buildings. It invites you to discover the University (founded in 1499 by Cardenal Cisneros), Plaza de Cervantes, the ruins of Santa María de la Mayor, the colleges of Sta. Ursula and Escritorios, the Cathedral of Stos. Justos y Pastor, and many more. Do not forget walking the crowded Calle Mayor, where you will find the house where Cervantes was born.
Day 3
Segovia will surprise you in every corner and in every street. Its buildings will talk to you about past times, like the Aqueduct, which will remind of the power of the Roman Empire; its cathedral and the Alcázar also remind you of splendid past times. Churches like the one of San Estéban, San Justo, San Martín and San Millán will transport your to the medieval times. In the surroundings, do not forget to visit the Palacio Real de La Granja de San Ildefonso (Palace and gardens, XVIII century) and the Palacio of Riofrío.
Days 4 and 5
Wednesday and Thursday.
The medieval stone wall, with the beautiful doors of the Alcázar and San Vicente shelter an impressive patrimony: the "Catedral Fortificada de San Salvador" (its construction began back in the XI century), the "Museo Catedralicio", the "Convento de Santa Teresa" (XVII century), the Palaces of Nuñez Vela, ALMARZARA, Ochoa Aguirre and Arzobispal, among others. A city full of history in every street, in every place, in every corner.
Days 6 and 7
Friday and Saturday.
Walk towards the centre of the Plaza Mayor, ob baroque style (XVIII century) and open your eyes; ne seduced by its beauty and harmony. This is the heart of the city. Start here your visit of the town, and discover among its numerous monuments the "Casa de las Conchas" (XV century), the Old Cathedral (XIII Century), the New Cathedral (XVI - XVIII century) or the University (XVI century). Salamnca is a town of churches, old and noble palaces, an university of prestige; a city of students, open to be discovered at any moment.