The Silver Route IV

The Silver Route is a nature trail that has linked the Cantabrian Sea with Andalusia’s Atlantic coast since ancient times. The Romans used the route to build a road which they used to transport this precious metal, leaving behind an impressive legacy that will take you through History.

Days 1 and 2
Sunday and Monday.
Enjoy a trip to one of the most unknown and beautiful parts of Spain and you’ll encounter an endless string of surprises you never would have imagined. Zafra gives us the opportunity to discover the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria (13th century), its Plaza Grande, the Convents of Santa Catalina, Santa Clara and El Rosario and the Casa Grande of Zafra.
Days 3 and 4
Tuesday and Wednesday.
The Roman city of Emerita Augusta, now Mérida, reveals, step by step, its splendid past when it was an active and flourishing colony of the Roman Empire. The National Museum of Roman Art, the Theatre, the Amphitheatre and the Roman Circus are all incredibly well-preserved vestiges of this great civilisation.

Don’t miss the Amphitheatre Roman House, the Casa del Mitreo Roman House, the ruins of the Santa Eulalia temple, the Roman Bridge over the Guadiana River and Los Milagros Aqueduct. The Arabs and the Visigoths left their mark in the area too, as the Alcazaba Arab Fortress and the Visigoth Art Museum show us.

Its old Castle reminds us of old stories, such as the Pizarro House-Museum. Religious monuments also have a prominent place in this town, such as the Church of San Martín, the Church of Santa María La Mayor or the Convents of Santa Clara and San Francisco Real.
Day 5
Plasencia is the last stop on this stage of our trip through the Ruta de Plata and it is a true gift for the last few hours in Extremadura where you can enjoy visiting the New and Old Cathedrals.

There are also some beautiful sights close to the cathedrals including the bustling Plaza Mayor, the Bishop's Palace, the Palaces of the Marqueses de Mirabel, Carvajal-Girón, Las Torres and the Convent of San Vicente Ferrer.
Days 6 and 7
Friday and Saturday.