Corporate Social Responsibility

In keeping with its mission, Paradores de Turismo has a very active corporate social responsibility policy. In its capacity as a public sector firm, the company’s CSR strategy incorporates, standardizes and publicizes its activities in the areas of human resources management, management of the company’s environmental impact and the natural resources used, interaction with local communities, interaction with the company’s stakeholders (suppliers, guests and trading partners), and good corporate governance.

Paradores de Turismo is a member of Spain’s United Nations Global Compact Association (ASEPAM), committing itself to making progress towards fulfilling the ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.

Paradores de Turismo works to adapt its products and services to all guests to the extent possible. It therefore has a Universal Accessibility Manual tailored to hotel facilities, serving as a practical tool for all of the chain’s establishments. It also has a Universal Accessibility Guide to Good Practices, intended for all Paradores employees. It includes a number of recommendations and focuses on each department with the aim of providing the best care and service possible.

Paradores de Turismo was chosen as a finalist for the Telefónica Ability Awards. These awards publicly recognize companies and institutions that develop sustainable business models, including people with disabilities in the value chain, whether as employees, suppliers and/or guests.

Our culinary offerings have also been updated to meet the needs of groups with special dietary requirements, including babies, children, the elderly, vegetarians, diabetics and people with gluten-free diets, among others.

Paradores de Turismo has a Code of Ethics based on the company’s mission, vision and values, which is intended for both internal and external stakeholders. This code includes the rights and obligations of the company, its employees and its suppliers. Paradores de Turismo also has a Welcome Manual for new employees who join the company, providing them with comprehensive corporate information.