Paradores Mission and Vision

The mission and vision of Paradores de Turismo convey a set of values which inform the actions taken by the company and its entire team.

  • To develop a high quality tourism product which acts as the international image of the Spanish hotel industry and an instrument of State tourism policy.
  • To facilitate the reclaiming of our cultural heritage for the purposes of tourism, enabling it to be preserved and maintained.
  • To encourage sustainable and environmentally friendly development.
  • To promote regional gastronomy, recovering historical recipes, while also enjoying the latest trends.
  • To promote Spanish cultural destinations.
  • To be a profitable company which uses its own profits to maintain and operate the chain.


“Paradores is an instrument of state tourism policy. The company presents an image of modern, high-quality tourism abroad and contributes to geographical integration, recovery and maintenance of our country’s cultural and artistic heritage, and the preservation and enjoyment of natural spaces. It also acts as the driving force behind stimulus actions for areas with limited tourism or economic activity.”


“The goal of Paradores is to offer high quality, comprehensive service which is distinctive, affordable and personalized. The chain is committed to the natural, economic and historical environment, with which it aims to strengthen the image of Spanish tourism, linked to sustainable development.”