Paradores Civia: urban hotels

Hoteles urbanos

Hotel urbano Paradores Civia: urban hotels in the heart of the city

The luxury and service of Paradores with the urban location you want. Civia is designed to offer you a selection of hotels where you can feel at home. Our Paradores Civia are located in the cities you want to visit. You will find everything you need, regardless of the reason for your trip. Unique Paradores for business trips, company events, a getaway to visit the best museums or simply because you want to stay in the best spot in your favorite city.

At Paradores we offer another way to explore our cities, with a unique location and a range of culinary offerings to savor. Our Paradores Civia are travel destinations you won't soon forget.

The word Civia evokes cultural activities, leisure options, museums, theaters and strolling along the street admiring the architecture.

What are the benefits of staying at a Parador Civia?

Paradores Civia are equipped with the latest technology and decorative features, making them perfect for your events. Years of experience have prepared us to organize gatherings of any kind, when what you need is a perfect result.

  • An early breakfast so that your morning meeting doesn't prevent you from enjoying the first meal of the day, giving you the energy you need to make that deal.
  • An ironing kit to keep you well-groomed for anything you do.
  • And after an intense day of appointments, meetings and negotiations? Release some of that tension in our fitness centers or enjoy a relaxed evening cocktail. Review the day's achievements over a nice drink with your partners, colleagues or friends.

 What are the Paradores Civia?




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