Paradores Esentia: historic and monumental hotels

Paradores Esentia

Hotel monumental Paradores Esentia: historic and monumental hotels

Certain travel destinations offer you the opportunity to explore our past: castles, palaces, former convents and monasteries. Today they welcome you with all the modern conveniences only Paradores can provide, while still retaining the essence of what made them so historic.

These are legendary places filled with legends. They are works of art, examples of the architecture that shaped our history over the centuries. They are hewn stone that speaks of past lives and the new lives that emerge amidst the battlements, viewpoints and towers looking out onto the past.

At Paradores, we preserve, care for and open up these historic buildings, places you have always dreamed about. And your visit will also introduce you to culinary delights both traditional and avant-garde. These Paradores are part of our history, forward-looking historic buildings that gaze into the future through ancient eyes. They are our Paradores Esentia.

What are the Paradores Esentia?

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