Paradores Naturia: coastal and rural hotels

Hoteles playa y parque natural

Playas y parques naturales Paradores Naturia: hotels where you can enjoy nature or the coast   

Close your eyes and imagine a place far from the noise, hustle and bustle of daily life. Can you see it? It is a landscape surrounded by green mountains, a terrace with sea views, a viewpoint where you can watch the birds flying over a lake. Although you may not have discovered it yet, this place is within reach, closer than you might think. This nature getaway is at Paradores. We have as many picture postcard landscapes as you can possibly imagine, natural destinations just for you.

You need to get away from the crowds and find a place where slow travel is a reality. What you're looking for has a name: Paradores Naturia.

What are the Paradores Naturia?




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