Parador de Alarcón

The cuisine at the Parador de Alarcón tastes of La Mancha-style stew and game pâté, of pickled partridge, eggs and sausage, Arab sweets and the cheeses of La Mancha. In the Parador's cozy restaurant, located on the lower level of the castle and decorated with elegant tables, you will also catch the scent of vegetable broth and quail stew. Quench your thirst with excellent wines made from the famous grapes of La Mancha, which you can also sample in the café.

The menu at the Parador de Alarcón is based on the cuisine of Cuenca and the selection is sensational. Our house specialties include lomo de orza (marinated pork loin), ajo mortero (garlic puréed potatoes), morteruelo (game pâté) and cheese ice cream, for which we select the best ingredients. Delicious fish such as trout from the Júcar River and La Mancha-style ratatouille will also not disappoint. Arab cuisine also left its mark in this area, with very special desserts that are truly difficult to resist for those with a sweet tooth.