Parador de Albacete

La Mancha is the heartland of Castilian cooking and Albacete's cuisine is among the most delicious and diverse you will find. At this La Mancha-style country house, you absolutely must try the dishes featuring game, including wild boar, hare and partridge hunted locally. Our cuisine is also based on other local ingredients such as lamb, honey, cheese and fried breadcrumbs. You will find any number of traditional dishes to delight your palate, including La Mancha-style gazpacho, migas ruleras (fried breadcrumbs with sausage and other pork products), marinated pork loin, shoulder of suckling kid and Miguelitos de La Roda (puff pastry filled with pastry cream).

The local diet adapts to the season. When the summer heat arrives, you will succumb to temptation in the form of a nice salad with cod and cheese, pickled partridge in rosemary vinegar, refreshing mojete (roasted pepper and tomato salad), the popular atascaburras (cod, potato and garlic spread made with egg and oil), and the essential pisto manchego (La Mancha-style ratatouille). And for dessert, a light cheese ice cream. Your experience in our cozy restaurant will be delicious.