Parador de Alcañiz

At the Parador de Alcañiz you can enjoy two dining areas: Restaurante La Concordia and Restaurante El Castillo, both of which have elegant palatial décor. From the balconies of La Concordia there is a view of the unhurried course of the Guadalope River as it flows across the plain, and large windows fill the refined establishment with natural light. Culinary offerings include dishes featuring beans from El Pinar, borage, Aragonese suckling lamb, cured ham from Teruel and peaches from Calanda.

The Parador offers various seasonal menus which focus on products that are in season. During Holy Week, our Lent, Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday menus are very popular. In May, you can enjoy the Vegetable Menu. In summer, the star is the Mediterranean Diet. In September we offer a Festival Menu and in October, a Seasonal Migration Menu. In November, we highlight the Mycology Menu. And in December comes the Christmas Menu. A menu for each time of the year and a true experience on each menu. Why not try them all?