Parador de Arcos de la Frontera

The menu offerings at the Parador de Arcos de la Frontera are based on classic examples of Andalusian cuisine, with a fresh, casual presentation and exquisite flavors. The Parador menu includes tapas, larger portions and full servings of traditional dishes, with touch of the avant-garde. You can sample our selection of Cocina de la Huerta (garden-based cuisine), with dishes such as alboronía, an eggplant ratatouille made with pumpkin, tomatoes and garbanzos; chard stew; stuffed artichokes; aromatic salpicón (seafood salad); and traditional ajo molinero (made with garlic, day-old bread and vegetables).

Why not come explore Arcos through its cuisine? At our restaurant, berenjenas a la miel (honey eggplant), corvina a la roteña (meagre with potatoes in a tomato sauce), and delicias de cielo (caramel custard) with ice cream are the stars of an extensive menu featuring top quality products. And to accompany these enticing dishes, you can choose from local wines, including dry or sweet whites and aged reds.