Parador de Baiona

The Parador de Baiona offers the best in Galician cuisine in a unique location with spectacular views of the bay and Cíes Islands. You have a choice of two dining areas: Restaurante Torre del Príncipe and Enxebre A Pinta (summer months). Both feature delicious traditional cooking based on local fish and seafood, or young beef with the Ternera Gallega designation of origin, offering exquisite flavors and meticulous presentation.

In Galicia, the term “enxebre” is linked to tradition, purity and what is authentically Galician. At Enxebre A Pinta, you will be able to sample classic dishes closely linked to the region, including pulpo á feira (octopus and potatoes dressed with olive oil and paprika), our house empanada (savory pie), a selection of Galician cheeses, grilled or baked scallops, and more. Through this cuisine, you will discover the essence of Galicia and enjoy a truly unique and authentic experience.