Parador de Baiona

The Parador de Baiona offers the best Galician cuisine in a unique spot with spectacular views over the bay and the Cíes Islands. Here you will be able to enjoy two restaurant spaces, the Torre del Príncipe and the Enxebre A Pinta restaurants. They both offer an exquisite traditional cuisine based on fish and seafood from the area, and Ternera Gallega I.G.P. meats, with exquisite flavour, presentation and attention to detail.

The “Enxebre” area in Galicia is strongly linked to the traditional, the pure, the authentic Galician... At the Enxebre A Pinta you will be able to taste dishes linked to the area such as the Pulpo á Feira, the Empanada del Obrador, a selection of Galician cheeses, Zambariñas á Grella or Vieiras al horno, among others.  Through the cuisine you will understand the essence of Galicia and you will live a unique and genuine experience.

The Enxebre A Pinta is open every day during the summer months. It is open the rest of the year only on Saturdays for lunch and dinner and Sundays for lunch.