Parador de Bielsa

Valle de Pineta, s/n 22350 Bielsa Huesca
Are you looking for a mountain experience? We suggest an area of incomparable natural beauty in the Huesca Pyrenees, at the foot of Mount Perdido. A spot surrounded by grasslands, wooded groves and mountain lakes, where the clear, rushing waters of the Cinca River carry the last traces of the snow from the peaks. When you find that the road now only leads to dirt trails, you will have arrived at the paradise we have been describing, the Parador de Bielsa.

Our hotel is comfortable and many of the guest rooms offer beautiful views of the mountains and river. Wood is an ever-present element, providing the sensation of seclusion and warmth, enhanced by the fire in the fireplace. This is an idyllic environment offering a wide range of sports activities. It is ideal for excursions, but is also the perfect setting for a romantic mountain getaway or to experience Carnival in Bielsa, a fascinating festival that has preserved pre-Christian rituals almost intact.

This mountain village is truly beautiful. Its country houses and treasures such as the Romanesque Nuestra Señora de Pineta Chapel make the old quarter a real delight. By the Parador there is an entrance to Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, which has been declared a World Heritage Site. It is a treasure chest of spectacular craggy peaks, beautiful waterfalls, fairytale pine woods and an eternal white blanket on the mountain tops.

Nature in its purest form offers a number of options for sports. The rivers make their way through rocky gorges, providing a paradise for fans of canyoning and canyon rappelling. Mountain biking or hiking trails are also sure to seem an excellent choice. The scenery along the Cinca River waterfall trail and the trail to Lake Marboré is spectacular.

Here, each season of the year paints a different canvas: green, gold, red, white ... all of them equally spectacular, none of them forgettable. Postcard perfect views will remain in your mind's eye, along with pleasant memories of the Parador de Bielsa.

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We stayed here in 2015. The rooms were magnificent and walking out onto the balcony and seeing the lake below especially in the morning with the mist and low level clouds was breath taking.