Parador de Calahorra

In Calahorra, you will discover a cuisine based on garden produce. Each season you will find a different surprise on your plate as fresh produce becomes the basis for elaborate dishes. In winter, you can enjoy artichokes, white cauliflower or delicious cardoons. Spring is the best season for sampling one of our house specialties: sautéed mixed vegetables. When combined with meats such as lamb, the result is exquisite.

Pears in wine, asparagus, peppers, cauliflower and bacalao a la riojana (cod in pepper and tomato sauce) are other dishes you will want to try at the Parador de Calahorra: exquisitely prepared delights for the palate that highlight the flavor of the natural ingredients, creating a perfect dining experience.

Calahorra holds its Vegetable Days celebration the last week of April. If you visit the Parador during this period, the cuisine will not fail to impress.