Parador de Ceuta

The meeting of the cold, rocky, wild Atlantic and the warm, sandy, tranquil Mediterranean produces a wide variety of excellent fish and seafood. Anchovies, red mullet, shrimp, calamari, sole, sea bass, John Dory, grouper, mackerel, and more ... wonderful delicacies to delight those who sample our tapas and other creations. You will love creations from our kitchen such as brothy rice marinière and swordfish a la Rigamonti (in a tomato caper sauce), prepared with expertise and dedication, ensuring that you will never forget the taste.

Nearby Morocco and Andalusia have left their mark on Ceuta's cooking with very special flavors, aromas and colors. Our elaborate confectionery is the perfect complement to our tapas and other dishes, including delicious trenzas de Agustina, made from a dough of flour, sugar, eggs, oil, and lemon, orange and mandarin peels, and a glass of anisette. Neighboring Morocco also provides a wide variety of fruits with excellent flavors and juices, the perfect complement to the warm local climate.