Parador de Gredos

Know the environment

In the area around the Parador, you can hike mountain trails, including one that will take you up to the Circo de Gredos, a glacial cirque from which you can enjoy a view of Almanzor Peak and Laguna Grande de Gredos, a mountain pool. Another equally beautiful spot is the cirque known as Cinco Lagunas. Arenas de San Pedro is a little more than 30 minutes away by car. This lovely town is known for its cultural and historical heritage, and for Águila Caves, one of the marvels of the Tiétar Valley.

You won't want to leave without taking a walk through the spectacular pine wood at Navarredonda de Gredos. This beautiful spot is the perfect place to get away from it all and enjoy the sounds of the forest, which can be reached from the Parador garden.

What to see

  • Gredos Cirque: north side of the Gredos Mountains
  • Pico Pass and Roman road: enormous historical value
  • Gredos Platform: 19 km (parking and trailheads)
  • Ávila: 60 km (cathedral, city walls, museums)
  • Arenas de San Pedro: 42 km (Monastery of S. Pedro de Alcántara)
  • Ramacastañas: 35 km (Águila Caves)
  • Mombeltrán: 27 km (La Beltraneja Castle)
  • Piedrahita: 37 km (La Asunción Church)
  • Tiétar Valley: 40 km
  • Jerte Valley: 60 km

    What to do

    • Ramacastaña (35 km): Águila Caves
    • Cinco Lagunas (31 km): glacial cirque
    • Pico Pass (15 km): Roman road
    • Jerte Valley (67 km)
    • Arenas de San Pedro (46 km)
    • Tiétar Valley (40 km)
    • Ávila (60 km)
    • Gredos Platform (19 km): parking and trailheads

    Expert's recommendation

    • Excursion to Valdeascas
    The Valdeascas Gorge is one of the most beautiful areas on the Upper Tormes. Take Cuesta de los Barreros down to Navagredos Campground. After crossing two bridges, the first over the Tormes River and the second over Valdeascas Stream, you will reach the meadow where the source of the Tormes lies. The trail follows the course of the Valdeascas Gorge. On its descent to the Tormes, the water has carved a succession of extremely beautiful pools and rapids out of the hard Gredos granite. This is an idyllic spot for a refreshing dip on a hot summer afternoon.
    • Excursion to Las Chorreras
    Drive down Cuesta de los Barreros to Navagredos Campground. Take the paved trail on the right, which follows the course of the Tormes River to Las Chorreras. The Tormes River drains the northern area of the Alto Gredos mountains. From its source until it flows into the Douro River, it covers 250 km. At Las Chorreras, your destination, enjoy the spectacular waterfalls and rapids that emerge from between enormous rocky crags sculpted in the granite. The crystalline water has formed giant's kettles where you can enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature while sunning on rock slabs.
    • Excursion to Laguna Grande and Gredos Cirque
    Before reaching Hoyos del Espino (Iberian ibex statue), take the Plataforma de Gredos (Gredos Platform) turnoff. Continue 14 km to the end of the road, where you can park. From there, take the stone path southwest to Las Pozas Meadow. Then turn west to reach Laguna Grande mountain pool. You can stop at the Elola Refuge and enjoy the view of Almanzor Peak before returning.
    Recommendations: water, food, appropriate footwear.
    Duration: 5 hours total
    Level of difficulty: medium
    • Navarredonda Pine Wood walk
    The path starts to the right of the Parador parking lot, where you will find an information sign. Following this path to the left, you will reach a clearing where what is known as Peña Histórica (Historic Rock) is located. Follow the main path through the pine wood back to the Parador.
    Duration: 1 hour total
    Difficulty: low