Parador de Guadalupe

At the Parador de Guadalupe you will enjoy local cooking that will treat your taste buds, with dishes such as tomato soup with grapes, bacalao monacal (cod in a creamy spinach and almond sauce), ajo blanco (Extremaduran chilled garlic soup), migas (fried breadcrumb dish), pollo a lo Padre Pedro (chicken in a tomato and pepper sauce), seasonal game and mushrooms, lamb stew, chestnut pudding, repápalos con leche (dessert made with bread and milk) and muégado de Guadalupe (traditional local sweets). These are traditional Extremaduran dishes, created with the best produce from our surroundings, whilst always trying to restore and update the recipes from our ancestry.

You will enjoy all of this with garden and terrace views and on summer nights with the sound of water with its channels and fountains. During the summer months we also serve wonderful lunches and dinners in the open air, next to the fountain in our orange tree courtyard.

The Parador is specialised in the culture of cheese and is a member of the Route of Extremadura Cheese. Not only that, but it has other local gastronomic offerings such as the unique Spanish Black pudding, migas (fried breadcrumb dish), various types of gazpacho, stews, stewed potatoes, Torta del Casar and Barros which are cheeses made with the milk of goats from the Ibores region. These are strong cheeses with a unique flavour. Do you fancy giving them a go?