Parador de Jaén

Come sample the delights of Jaén's garden produce, the finest olive oil and the classic taste of our exquisite traditional dishes. You will also discover the unmistakable freshness of our gazpachos and popular pipirrana (tuna and vegetable salad), made with garlic, tomato, onion, cucumber, olive oil and apple.

Soups and stews are a staple at the Parador: we prepare the popular ajo blanco, a soup made with garlic, oil, almonds and bread, and a true delight for your palate. And don't miss out on game dishes such as partridge terrine and Baños-style venison. You will notice the Moorish influence on our confectionery in ingredients such as dried fruit, almonds and olive oil. Choices include exquisite convent sweets, puff pastries and sponge cakes. We prepare a range of dining options to astonish you. Come discover them.

Chef's recommendations

The past and present of Spanish cuisine come together in one special place: dining at Paradores