Parador de León

Pza. de San Marcos, 7 24001 León León
+34 987237300
Director: Ana Domínguez García

The convent of San Marcos is one of the greatest architectural gems of the Spanish town of Leon, together with the Cathedral, the San Isidoro Basilica or the Casa Botines. It has now become a Parador and is one of the most important monuments of the Spanish Renaissance.

Its facade is a pearl of the Spanish Plateresque. It is a single section with a wall of two blocks and two floors, finished off with openwork cresting and candlesticks. The first block has semi-circular windows and plateresque pilasters and the second one, balconies and columns with balustrades. The skirting board features medallions with characters from the Ancient Greece and Rome and the History of Spain (Hercules, Priam, Hector, Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Julius Caesar, Trajan, Judith, Lucretia, Isabella the Catholic, Charlemagne, Bernardo del Carpio, El Cid, Ferdinand the Catholic, Charles I and Philip II). Above the skirting board, angel heads are depicted. The palatial tower dates from 1711 to 1714. It is decorated with a St. James cross and a lion and has four friezes with entablature.

The front and main entrance has two blocks plus a peineta in a Plateresque style, although Baroque elements were added in the 18th century. On the first block there is a huge semi-circular arch with a rosette and decorated intrados. The keystone, which stands out, represents Saint Mark. There are medallions with biblical inscriptions and a high relief of James triumphant at the Battle of Clavijo. It has a Baroque style opening, with the coat of arms of St. James and the Kingdom of León. The peineta bears the royal coat of arms and a statue of Fame, by Valladolid. The oculus, on top of the front facade, is shaped like a rose window.

After the last renovation, the hotel complex has 51 rooms and several event halls.


air conditioning
foreign exchange
conferences and meetings
handicapped facilities
no animals
hairdryer in guest rooms
credit cards
telephone in guest rooms
TV in guest rooms

What our Amigos think

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A magnificent building and and fantastic team within it. This was one of the most memorable moments of our time in Spain this year. The genuine care shown by your staff mixed with the beautiful building and all its historical features are truly world leading. Wonderful food as well!