Parador de Lerma

Restaurante Mayorazgo at the Parador de Lerma is located in Bolaños Courtyard, occupying a wonderful vaulted room in the section of the hotel housed in the original castle. The dining area offers delicious dishes made with local natural ingredients, including roast suckling lamb, Burgos cheese and blood sausage.

You can sample tasty charcuterie and meats, not to mention fresh fish such as trout from the river and dishes like ajo carretero (lamb and garlic stew), created long ago by muleteers, all accompanied by a traditional bread known as torta de aranda. Absolute musts include suckling lamb roasted in a wood-burning oven, prepared with patience and care. There are also desserts from the palace recipe book such as cañas de duque (pastry stuffed with vanilla custard), quince pie and fried sweets.