Parador de Sigüenza

The Parador de Sigüenza boasts a stately, elegant dining room with thick stone walls, where you can enjoy the best flavors of Castile and La Mancha. We offer an enticing menu of local dishes: fried free-range eggs, migas y torreznos (fried breadcrumbs and bacon), oven-roasted suckling kid, cod, Manchego cheese, and for dessert, the famous borrachitos seguntinos (sponge cake soaked in liqueur syrup). Everything is made using the finest local and seasonal ingredients.

Located on the west side of the castle, the dining room offers magnificent views of Pinar de Sigüenza, the nearby pine wood. You can also enjoy themed dinners created to accompany scheduled events, including opera and zarzuela (Spanish light opera) nights. During the months of October and November, there are culinary events featuring delicious mushrooms. Come enjoy excellent cuisine in a beautiful atmosphere.