Parador de Sigüenza

Know the environment

In Sigüenza you will enjoy a true journey back in time as you visit the cathedral, with its famous Sepulcro del Doncel (Tomb of the Youth), chapels and cemetery. Explore historic neighborhoods, including medieval Travesaña and  baroque San Roque. There are a number of typical small Castilian villages located throughout this large municipality, where traditional customs coexist with rural architecture and nature, and age-old taverns stand side-by-side with sophisticated restaurants.

You can also enjoy the city's natural surroundings. The Río Dulce Nature Reserve, Sigüenza Pine Wood, large Mediterranean forests, holm oak and oak woods, and valleys carpeted in green, home to the griffon vulture, peregrine falcon and eagle owl, are all incredibly gorgeous any time of year. Surely you won’t miss a chance to visit?

What to see

  • Main Square
  • Historic quarter
  • Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente Viewpoint
  • Río Dulce Nature Reserve (7 km)
  • Medinaceli (20 km)
  • Cistercian Monastery of Santa María de Huerta (50 km)

Expert's recommendation

  • Río Negro Winery and Vineyard Tour and Tasting
Finca Río Negro is located in Cogolludo, near a group of towns known for their "arquitectura negra" (black architecture) and Sierra Norte de Guadalajara Nature Reserve. The tour includes a short visit to the vineyard, with an explanation of the history and some of the particular features of the unique terroir and vineyard (one of the highest in Europe). This is followed by a tasting of three wines in the underground wine cellar, accompanied by a cheese and salt venison snack.
  • Barranco del Río Dulce Nature Reserve
Barranco del Río Dulce was declared a nature reserve in 2003. It is located in northern Guadalajara province, forming part of the westernmost foothills of the Iberian System. The reserve occupies a total of 8,348 hectares. These spectacular landscapes were popularized by beloved naturalist Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, offering the perfect setting for a number of his television documentaries, especially those featuring eagles and foxes.
  • Sigüenza Cathedral
Sigüenza Cathedral is dedicated to Saint Mary the Greater, patron saint of the city of Sigüenza. Its origins date back to January 1124, when Bishop Bernard of Agen (1080–1152) reconquered the city from the Muslims during the reign of Queen Doña Urraca, daughter of Alfonso VI.