Parador de Vic-Sau

The Parador de Vic-Sau is located in one of the loveliest spots in the Osona district, at the foot of Sau Reservoir with the Guillerías Mountains in the distance. Here you can enjoy excellent Catalan cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere. The Parador has recreated the traditional feel of a Catalan country house. Its carefully maintained garden and swimming pool are the perfect complement to exquisite cuisine, offering guests a few days of relaxation. Our specialties include traditional dishes from the Osona district: charcuterie accompanied by flatbread, habitas a la catalana (broad beans with sausage and bacon), Vic butifarra sausage with beans from El Granxet. A true delight.

Other menu recommendations include escudella i carn d’olla (chickpea stew), stews with ingredients from the sea and countryside, such as farm-raised chicken with langoustines, bacalao a la catalana (cod in vegetable tomato sauce) and bacalao a la llauna (cod in white wine and garlic sauce). And to finish off your meal, there is a magnificent selection of desserts. You won’t want to miss the traditional pa de pesic, a delicious caramelized sponge cake that will satisfy any sweet tooth.