Parador de Vic-Sau

Know the environment

Vic is the capital of the inland district of Osona, located along the banks of the Meder River in Barcelona province. It has a lovely historic quarter noted for its cathedral. The church, built in the late 18th century, is neoclassical in style. Among its main attractions are a group of wall paintings by Josep María Sert inside. A tour of Vic should also include such iconic sights as the Episcopal Palace, situated next to the cathedral complex; porticoed Plaza Mayor (Main Square); Roman temple; Sant Domènech Monastery and La Pietat Church.

After visiting the town of Vic, travelers can continue on to Sant Pere de Casserres Monastery, which dates from the 11th century. Along the route to the Pyrenees, you will find the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Nature Reserve, Olot and Ripoll. 

What to see

  • Historic town center of Vic
  • Romanesque-style Sant Pere de Casserres Monastery
  • Romanesque-style Sant Esteve de Tavèrnoles Church
  • Les Guilleries - Savassona (natural area)
  • Mythical towns and cities: Rupit and Tavertet
  • Barcelona, Girona, La Garrotxa, Montserrat and Ripoll

    What to do

    This area is blessed with a landscape that makes it possible to enjoy a number of active tourism options. The region is formed by streams, crags and a reservoir, creating the ideal conditions for outdoor activities. Trails running through majestic scenery can be done on foot, all-terrain bicycle, horseback or in a 4x4. The calm waters of the Sau Reservoir are the perfect location for water sports. And if you’d like to enjoy a one-of-a-kind view, you can fly over the area in a hot-air balloon.

    Expert's recommendation

    Walking through Vic’s old town is like exploring our country’s past and history. A signed route will take you to thirty-two buildings, all of which offer some historic, architectural or artistic interest. Highlights include the 2nd-century Roman temple; 14th-century city walls; cathedral, a blend of Romanesque, Gothic, baroque and neo-classical styles; Market Square and Town Hall. Vic also has one of the best collections of Romanesque art in Europe, on view at the Episcopal Museum. Another permanent collection of paintings worth mentioning are the many works by Josep Maria Sert found throughout the city.
    The route offers incredible views of the natural beauty of Sau Reservoir.
    Start point: Parador de Vic-Sau
    End point: Sant Pere de Casserres Monastery
    Distance: 3.5 km
    Signage: yellow and white markers (PR), combined with a red marker along many stretches, where the route coincides with different GR trails.
    • SALT DE SALLENT. Location: Rupit
    From Rupit to Sallent Falls along both sides of the stream.
    Depart from the Plaza Mayor (Main Square) of Rupit just where it begins, taking a street that runs to the left, turning into a trail a little further along. The route ends at a spectacular waterfall, especially amazing during rainy periods. The downhill route passes the ruins of various mills.