Parador de Vilalba

Valeriano Valdesuso, s/n 27800 Vilalba Lugo
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Tranquil Vilalba is located where history and nature converge. Its cultural heritage presents the historical aspects of a land far from the noise of the big city. Here, along the Northern Route followed by pilgrims traveling to Santiago, you will find a spectacular fortified tower, the legacy of medieval Galicia. Today it forms part of the Hotel Parador in this Lugo town, capital of the fertile district known as Terra Chá. The hotel building offers a number of cozy, secluded spots. In the tower, six magnificent guest rooms share the medieval style of Los Andrade Function Room, decorated with wall paintings and coats of arms. The lower part of this room houses the new Enxebre dining area, where guests can enjoy regional gastronomy. The remaining guest rooms, bar, banquet restaurant and other common areas are located in a stone building built in the regional architectural style, which is next to the majestic tower. Between the two buildings, there is a peaceful garden with excellent views of the tower.

Vilalba is an ancient, noble town in a land filled with legend where the river and plain dominate the landscape. Nature offers itself up for your enjoyment at La Madalena, a river beach; Charca del Alligal, with its medicinal waters; and the areas along the many rivers flowing through this region. You can also explore the country roads of the Xistral Mountains and Mount Monseivane. The sea is just 45 minutes from this part of Lugo, with such exceptional spots as beautiful Las Catedrales Beach, which has been declared a natural monument. It is the most popular tourist attraction in Galicia after the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela.

You won't want to miss a visit to two of the nearest neighboring towns. Mondoñedo, 25 km away, is a small town with cobbled streets surrounded by green mountains. It has been declared an area of artistic and historical importance. The town's atmosphere is magical. In winter, the fog glides along narrow streets where time seems to stand still. And in summer, the lovely cathedral, which has been declared a national monument, shines even more brightly. Don't miss the chance to indulge your sweet tooth with a slice of delicious tarta de Mondoñedo (layered sponge cake, almond and sweet pumpkin tart). You will also love Lugo, 35 km away. Its Roman Walls have been declared a World Heritage Site because they are so well preserved. The city also boasts one of the best cuisines in Galicia, where tapas are like a religion.


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