Parador de Zamora

At the Parador de Zamora, we offer the best of Sanabria’s cuisine, including dishes such as bacalao a la tranca (garlic paprika cod), young beef, rebojo zamorano (a sort of cupcake), almond custard and arroz a la zamorana (pork and paprika rice). The cooking of Zamora features heartily seasoned local ingredients such as legumes, meats and charcuterie. The intense flavor is characteristic of a cuisine you are sure to love.

You can sample delicious dishes such as classic arroz a la zamorana, seasoned with parsley, thyme, oregano, garlic, pepper and onion; cocido (chickpea stew) made with high-quality chickpeas from Fuentesaúco; and lentejas a la zamorana (lentils with blood sausage). The fertile plains beside the Douro River offer such produce as red cabbage, cauliflower, cardoons, tomatoes and peppers, with which we prepare exquisite pimientos rellenos a la toresana (stuffed peppers). Come and enjoy a delicious culinary experience.