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We present the revamped Paradores culinary offerings. The latest traditions.

Paradores restaurants are a benchmark in the Spanish culinary world. High quality ingredients, fresh products, traditional recipes and a firm commitment to offering our guests the best cuisine from each region of Spain, these are just some of the values held by our restaurants.

In order to keep pace with our customers' requests and the latest gastro trends, while also remaining a leader in the Spanish restaurant industry, we have revamped our culinary offerings. Now when you visit Paradores, you will find three types of restaurants, each with its own personality, but all with the Paradores seal of quality. Nothing has been left to chance. These new spaces feature a harmonious combination of traditional recipes and the latest trends. 

Find out more about our Marmitia, Tamizia and Especia restaurants.

MARMITIA, a grand homage
These restaurants serve local specialties, with an emphasis on regional products.
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TAMIZIA, bite-sized culinary delights
Tamizia restaurants are multi-use spaces designed based on the latest trends in gastronomy.
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ESPECIA, a treat for the senses
This is the classic Paradores restaurant: a unique space with a gourmet menu for a demanding clientele that appreciates high quality cuisine and service.
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