Parador Casa da Ínsua (Portugal)

3550-126 Penalva do Castelo - Portugal
Hotel Casa da Ínsua, located 25 kilometers from the city of Viseu, in central Portugal, is a 18th-century baroque style manor house built on the orders of Luís de Albuquerque de Melo Pereira e Cáceres.

The essential qualities of the founder have been retained in the romantic gardens, architecture and interior décor. Casa da Ínsua offers guests a wonderful opportunity to explore the most characteristic elements of tropical landscapes from the past three centuries, with a wide variety of plant and animal species.

Guests can visit the old smithy, which features restored machinery and tools used in the blacksmith's trade. The hotel boasts 35 stately guest rooms (including nine suites and five apartments). It also offers guests a library, game room, two outdoor swimming pools, gym, chapel, wine cellar for wine tasting and a place to sample regional products prepared using age-old recipes.

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Parador Casa da Ínsua (Portugal)

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14411870's picture

We thoroughly enjoyed staying in this historical building with modern rooms and restaurant.
The girl that managed the breakfast service singelhandedly ensured that everything was replenished and tables set with fresh linens, all with a smile on her face, it made a pleasant start to the day.
The grounds are enormous, nice to wander, the pool was clean and well maintained.
We thoroughly recommend!