Parador de Cádiz

A view of the sea and the Bay of Cadiz and spectacular sunsets will accompany your meal at the restaurant at the Parador de Cádiz, where we offer you the option of dining outdoors beneath the stars. Our restaurant is known for its exquisite preparation of local ingredients. We invite you to enjoy specialties such as shrimp pancakes, sea urchin, papas aliñadas (potato salad with vinaigrette), our fried seafood platter, net-caught tuna, sea bream and fried pork rinds.

Essential aspects of Cádiz cuisine include high quality products such as fish and seafood from the Gulf of Cádiz and the Strait of Gibraltar, oil from the mountains, wine and vinegar from Sanlúcar or Chiclana and retinto beef.

We hope our culinary offerings will be a pleasure for all your senses, allowing you to explore the culture of the peoples who have passed though this beautiful, light-filled city, considered to be the oldest in the West.