Parador de Corias

The Parador restaurant is located in what was once the monastery’s refectory. This historic space makes the restaurant one of the most beautiful spots in the hotel. The menu features the finest products from the farms of Asturias, the mighty waters of the Bay of Biscay and the green fields. You will sample exquisite recipes with ingredients such as peas, tomatoes, verdina and fava beans, bonito, hake, white sea bream, clams and razor clams, and tender young Asturian beef, not to mention delicious desserts influenced by monastic tradition.

Menu highlights include cream of velvet crab with cubes of monkfish, potato confit, creamy rice with vegetables and free-range chicken, Tineo-style fabada asturiana (white bean stew) with pork and sausage, grilled Asturian beef sirloin au gratin with Peñacoba cheese, and such delicious desserts as tiramisu with amaretto ice cream.