Parador de Tordesillas

The Parador de Tordesillas offers the perfect combination of traditional Castilian cuisine and local ingredients. You will discover a wide variety of legume-based dishes, roast suckling lamb and pig, and a specialty you will find only in this town, gallo turresilano, free-range chicken raised in Tordesillas and braised in white wine according to an ancient recipe.

Accompany these delicious dishes with local wines from nearby wineries, and add a sweet finish to your experience with a tasty and varied selection of confectionery. Classic sweets include amarguillos (almond cookies), canelos (sponge cakes coated in syrup), cakes of puff pastry and cheese, and cookies and sweets made by the nuns of Santa Clara Convent. There are also artisan ice cream and the famous ice milk, served with exquisite barquillos (rolled wafers) and obleas (flat wafers).