Parador de Ceuta

Know the environment

The beautiful city of Ceuta is lapped by the waters of both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. It is accessible by road, sea and air. The climate is Mediterranean, with mild winters and summers, making the city a pleasant place to visit virtually any time of year. If you’re not sure about the best time to plan your trip, you might want to consider the dates of some of the most important festivals. Carnival, Holy Week with the parade of the Spanish Legion, feast day of St. Anthony on June 13, feast day of the Virgin of Africa on August 5 and the accompanying weeklong festival.

What to see

  • Cathedral
  • Our Lady of Africa Shrine
  • San Felipe Moat and Royal Walls
  • Merinidas Walls
  • Fortress on Mount Hacho
  • City of Tétouan (40 km)
  • City of Tangiers (100 km)
  • Califal Gate, Ceuta
  • Mediterraneo Maritime Park
  • Nuestra Sra. de la Asunción Cathedral
  • Late Roman basilica
  • Spanish Legion Museum
  • Regulars Museum
  • Desnarigado Military Museum

What to do

Ceuta has it all: beaches, nature, culture and gastronomy. Whatever your vacation preferences, Ceuta has something for you. Stroll through the city, enjoying the delightful squares, busts and sculptures, monuments, city walls and more. San Amaro Park is definitely on the must-see list. 

Expert's recommendation

  • Shopping in Ceuta
Ceuta is a perfect place to do a bit of shopping, as the city has significantly lower taxes on goods, with the top tax rate being 10% rather than 21%. This means better prices on jewelry, spirits, tobacco products and electronics.
  • Salted mackerel and flying fish
Its location at the convergence of two seas gives Ceuta a wealth of fantastic fish and seafood. It is therefore not surprising that one of its most important dishes is prepared using salted products dried by the local winds.
  • El Chorrillo, Calamocarro, Benzu, San Amaro, Benítez and La Ribera beaches
Highlights along the 21 km coastline, which offers fine sand beaches and warm waters, include El Chorrillo and La Ribera beaches. Both can be reached on foot by stairs located just 50 meters from the Parador. They offer a gorgeous view of the bay and the Moroccan coast.
  • Ceuta Nautical Center
This center offers activities such a scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, boat tours, sport fishing, and more.